If you are anything like me, then you are super forgetful of dates and names. If I do not have an important date written down for reference, I am guaranteed to forget it.

So, I NEED to track dates like birthdays in my bullet journal. However, there are so many options, I sometimes can’t figure out how I want to keep track of them. Because of my own struggles with memory and indecision with layouts, here are 25 incredible birthday trackers to choose from!

To make your inspiration search even more manageable, I have separated these spreads into # different categories. In this article you will find various circular birthday trackers, grid birthday trackers, decorative birthday trackers, timeline trackers, and list-style birthday trackers! Let’s get inspired!

Circular Birthday Trackers

The first category of birthday trackers I’d like to talk about is circular trackers. Generally speaking these layouts include a circular structure. Most commonly, there is a large circle in the center organizing the 12 months of the year. While all of these layouts are similar in structure, there are some significant creative differences between them.

1. Rainbow Tracker by @bujo.snowberry

bujosnowberry This birthday tracker is phenomenal and absolutely gorgeous to look at. The bright colors assigned to each month make it easy to understand the function and flow of the tracker.

2. Periwinkle and Baby Yellow Wheel by Elizabeth Journals

yellow periwinkle birthday track Kathryn This layout is similar to but more simple than the previous one. They have similar structure; however, this one is less cluttered, choosing only two colors and minimal lines.

3. Minimal Floral Circle by @a.freckle.a.day

afreckleaday Here is another gorgeous circular birthday tracker. This one is arguably more artistic than the previous two. While this spread is in black and white, the circle includes leaves and flowers. This one is perfect if you do not have an extensive list of birthdays to keep track of.

4. Rainbows Birthday Tracker by @bujoabby

bujoabby Here is a perfect example of the effect of subtle differences. At first glance, this layout appears essentially the same as the first circle tracker we discussed. However, there are subtle differences that make a significant difference. First, the lettering is different. Second, this layout includes balloon and star doodles to fill the corners. If you are looking for something slightly different, try making small changes.

5. Birthday Slices by Partymazing.com

partymazing What I love about this layout is how unique it is. It is circular, however very different from other common formats. For this layout, birthdays are placed in the slices of the circle. Another great tracker if your list is not extensive.

6. Cupcake Wheel by @imabulletjournalist

imabulletjournalist Cupcakes are a super cute and common way to decorate a birthday tracker. This layout was the first time I have seen cupcakes used in a circular manner and I am a HUGE fan! Not only are cupcakes cute mini cakes, but they are also fun to decorate! So, it is entirely possible to give each month it’s own unique cupcake.

7. Roses by @bumblebujo

9952d9b1878a143dc49dc480ac05259e79786142 hq Here is another awesome floral circle birthday tracker! Flowers and floral themes are incredibly popular in bullet journaling, so, having other layouts to be inspired by is always helpful. What I find refreshing about this spread is the verticle sub-headers for each month. This is a great way to section off the pages into twelve areas.

Grid Birthday Tracker

A grid birthday tracker is another incredibly popular birthday tracker layout style. This is one of the more basic types of spreads. Generally, these layouts are separated into 12 squares or grid spaces. However all the other details vary.

8. Simple Grid

a00d44d5b7f51d8f8a1e942e9581517c This layout is super simple. There is a box for each month and a nice banner-style header.

9. Eat Cake by @kittyblackadder

kittyblackadder This particular layout is more artistic than the first grid tracker. In addition to the 12 boxes, there are various colorful doodles, and the left page is a birthday style quote full of doodles and color.

10. Simple Birthday Grid by Elizabeth Journals

green birthday future Kati This is an incredibly simple style. There is absolutely no artwork, just simple columns or boxes, and a bold header.

11. Happy Birthday by @bujochloe

bujochloe For this tracker, the format is incredibly similar; however, each month has it’s own highlighting and color.

12. Birthday Overview by @reenshayjournals

reenshayjournals This overview or tracker is unique in that the boxes are not actually drawn in but are instead implied by the placement of the monthly subheaders. This style is perfect for the more minimalistic journaler.

13. Yellow Birthday Tracker by Elizabeth Journals

yellow, blue birthdays future Kathleen (2) I counted this layout as a grid-style tracker; however, it is different from the others in that the sections are instead rows and there are only 3 per page. Additionally, each row or month includes a mini calendar similar to a future log.

Decorative Birthday Trackers

Many of these more decorative trackers fall into some of the other categories. The reason I chose to separate them into their own category is the focus on decoration or artwork. These birthday trackers are mostly an artistic form of the grid style trackers. However, I wanted to single them out for the artwork used in them.

14. Birthday Gifts Grid by @journalphine

journalphine This first decorative spread is very similar to the common grid-style tracker but with more detail. Each grid square has a colorful banner for the subheader. Additionally, each column has various treats and birthday doodles on it. Lastly, the header is in a colorful banner.

15. Desserts by @plansthatblossom

plantsthatblossom Next, this tracker is again, similar to the grid style. However, what separated it from the others are the pastries and baked goods associated with each month. These doodles are adorable and actually pretty detailed!

16. Elephant’s Balloons by @lfs_bujo

lfsbujo I am a huge elephant fan and of course, had to include this birthday spread. Down the left and right sides are lists of 5 months with associated birthdays. Additionally the final two months are in the top center of the pages. However, the focal point of this spread is the little baby elephant holding a bundle of colorful balloons which takes up most of the pages.

17. Birthday Gemstones by @hahaharls

hahaharls I thought that this next tracker was gorgeous. I really enjoy watercoloring and crystals. This spread utilized both of those things! The top half of the page includes 6 months, and the bottom is a mirror of the final 6 months. Each month has its own color and crystal. I am not familiar with birthday gemstones, but I do believe that the designated gemstones are what is depicted here.

18. Birthday Cakes

unknown2 This spread is far less organized than most of those mentioned so far. There are 12 cakes scattered throughout this layout. Each cake is different in every way. Within the cakes or near the cakes are the month subheaders as well as any birthdays for that month. How creative!

19. Birthday Balloons by @belovedart

Birthday-Tracker This tracker is just like the previous one, except, instead of various cakes, this one features 12 balloons! For this specific spread there is no color; however, it would be so great and easy to add colors to the balloons or background.

20. Cupcakes by Elizabeth Journals

birthday-track-pink-purple-blue-green-yellow-Brianna Similar to the grid-style trackers, this birthdays log has 12 sections. Instead of simple sections, this one has a different styled and colored cupcake for each month.

21. Birthday Gifts

50e4005c44628d2446470a4f9fac5fb1 If you are looking for something similar to the cakes and balloons layouts we just talked about, then this spread is perfect. This spread features 12 different gifts in a pile of gifts. Each package is a different shape, size, and color. What a creative birthday tracking spread!

Timeline Birthday Trackers

Timeline birthday trackers are far less common when searching for birthday tracking inspiration. If you ever took a history class is school then you know whwat a timeline is. Essentially it is a line depicting a period of time. For these trackers, this period of time is a whole year-usually January 1st through December 31st. Then branching off of this line are various important dates, such as birthdays.

22. Birthday Timeline by @myartsybujo

sweetplanit Here is the first of two timeline options I have found for you. This one keeps all dates below the timeline. Each vertical line off of the month includes the birthdays from that month. Additionally, the brush lettering header is so bouncy, wuch a great addition!

23. Birthday Timeline by @kjletteringand_bujo

Kj lettering and bujo This timeline is pretty unique. There are 6 months on each page. Instead of specifiying where in the timeline each month is, these headers are at the top and bottom of the page. It is just assumed that the months are in chronological order. In the bar that is the bulk on the timeline are the people whose birthdays appear in each month. Then, a little tack-style marker sticks up and specifies the date.

List Style Birthday Trackers

The last birthday tracking style we are going to look at is a list. A list is the most basic form of date tracking and is why we will only discuss a couple of them. Except for any added artwork, a list is simply a list. Here are a few list-style birthday trackers for inspiration!

24. Birthdays and Dates

unknown Here is a color-coded birthday and date list. While this spread is difficult to read, what I would assume is that purple represents birthdays and the other colors represent various other important dates. If you prefer simple lists and color-coding, then this list is for you!

25. Birthdays by @january_journal

januaryjournal What makes this list unique from the previous is its organization. All other layouts we have discussed in this article have been organized by month or date. However, this one is organized by the person’s name and not their birthday. This lists people in the left column, then, the second column is a pixel style with 12 sub-columns for each month. Then the appropriate month is colored in and the date written over top of the colored grid-square.


We have just breezed through 25 amazing birthday trackers for your bullet journal. There are so many ways to keep track of birthdays and other important dates. My personal favorite is the timeline method or anything with cute cupcakes in it, what was your favorite birthday spread? Whatever your favorite is, a birthday tracker is a great layout which I highly recommend you incorporate into your bullet journals!