If you’re new to bullet journaling and you don’t know where to start, or you are just looking for a little inspiration for your next journal, YouTube is a fantastic source of new ideas.

We have done a round up of what we consider to be the top 15 YouTube channels providing endless inspiration for your next journal entry.

  1. Amanda Lee (AmandaRachLee)
  2. Jasmine (studyquill)
  3. Christine My Linh (ChristineMyLinh)
  4. Shayda Campbell
  5. Inprint
  6. Kara (Boho Berry)
  7. Official Bullet Journal (bulletjournal)
  8. Matt Ragland (themattragland)
  9. Carrie Crista
  10. Rachel (notefromthecity)
  11. Jordan Clark (xoStellaire)
  12. Cristina Tamas (MyLifeinaBullet)
  13. Kayla Mason (planningwithkay)
  14. Jenny Journals
  15. studytee

Amanda Lee (AmandaRachLee)

Amanda has been in the YouTube game for a fair while and during that time has amassed a huge following of over 1.2 million YouTubers and growing.

Based out of Canada, she’s an artist and digital content creator and produces some truly beautiful content.

One of our favourites is her How-to on calligraphy, which gives a great intro to what pens to use and how to create lovely lettering.

Jasmine (studyquill)

If you are at school or university and need to organise yourself, then studyquill is the perfect channel for you.

Not only does Jasmine have some great ideas on how to layout your journal, but she also has some great hints and tips to actually help you study.

Her video on how to take truly beautiful notes is sure to help you take your notes to the next level.

Christine My Linh (ChristineMyLinh)

When you watch Christine’s videos, it is clear that she is a truly good soul.

An illustrator by trade, Christine creates some truly stunning layouts, with beautifully drawn illustrations. Add into the mix a little watercolour and she’s got a simple, yet elegant style.

A great example of this is her video on how to doodle animals, definitely worth a watch if you are an animal lover.

Shayda Campbell

Shayda is an artist, combining drawing, watercolours and other media all alongside her awesome journal spreads.

If you’re looking for a slightly broader source of inspiration for your next bujo project, then we think Shayda is a great source.

She’s got a guide on how to create quote pages from start to finish, including how to layout the quote, create a stencil outline and then transfer it to you prized bullet journal.


Inprint is all about bullet journaling, doodling and calligraphy.

We just love her black and white pen quote pages, often incorporating her highly stylised drawings of animals.

Her 2019 planner setup video is a great way to start the year.

Kara (Boho Berry)

You can’t hang around the bullet journal scene for too long and not come across Kara.

She’s been producing content on all things bujo for a while now and is one of our all-time favourites when it comes to sources of inspiration for that next spread.

One of her tops videos digs into how to create awesome daily planners, which we love.

Official Bullet Journal (bulletjournal)

Ok, so this is not quite as inspirational as the other channels that we’ve called out, but if you’re new to bullet journaling, this is a great source of information on how the Bullet Journal systems work.

There are only 17 short videos, so in a couple of hours, you can watch the lot and then be ready to start your bullet journal journey.

Why not check out their origin story with their first video.

Matt Ragland

Matt is our only guy on the list, which just goes to show that bullet journaling is not just the preserve of the ladies.

Based out of the US, he focuses on productivity and clearing that mental clutter that holds so many of us back.

If you’re struggling with your daily productivity, Matt has got some great tips on how journaling can help you continually improve.

Carrie Crista

Carrie’s channel is a mix of great guides and how-tos, layouts and lettering, as well as reviews of supplies.

She also talks about digital bullet journaling and compares the analogue and digital version of journaling, which is super interesting.

If this floats your boat, check out her guide to how to make a digital planner.

Rachel (notesfromthecity)

Rachel, or Full Flourish as she’s named her channel, hasn’t uploaded any new videos in a while, but there’s still some great content that is worth checking out.

One of our favs is her August layout guide.

Jordan Clark (xoStellaire)

Jordan combines journaling, nature and beautiful lettering into one delightful package.

If you’re looking to bring the outside inside and into your latest spreads then she has some great ideas.

We particularly love her guide to how to draw wildflowers.

Cristina Tamas (MyLifeinaBullet)

Christina, a fellow brit, has got a beautifuly clean and simple style to her layouts.

Combining pen drawings, with a touch of colour and an artistic flair to die for, she’s one of our top go-to channels.

If you’re struggling on how to set up your journal for the New Year, her setup video is well worth a watch.

Kayla Mason (planningwithkay)

We just love Kayla’s use of colour, which make her spreads really pop.

If you want some funky, colourful spreads to add to your journal, she’s got some great ideas.

She also incorporates in a lot of her work, which incidentally she makes and sells herself on Etsy.

Here’s her guide on how to make your own stickers.

Jenny Journals

Jenny combines journaling with watercolours, sticker making as well as other art related topics.

She creates some really eye-catching spreads that combine all these elements, giving her work a really stand out style.

One of her must-watch videos is her November spread, we just love those autumnal colours.


Studytee is another study focused channel, which aims to help you organise your study planners.

She covers best practises, materials and supplies as well as highly organised and effective layouts.

We love her tips on how to take notes, which includes a really effective colour scheme.


So there we have it, some of the best sources of inspiration, motivation and guidance on YouTube when it comes to bullet journaling.

If you’ve been inspired by one of the channels, let us know, we’d love to hear from you and see what you create next.