One of the awesome things about keeping a bullet journal is the flexibility to add whatever you want and leave out what you don’t want.

It’s more than likely that any time you have purchased a paper planner there are pages that you will skip over - simply because you don’t have a need for them.

Your bullet journal will allow you to be picky about what you include! If you’re searching for ideas to fill your new notebook look no further. We have rounded up 25 inspirational bullet journal collections that you will love.

What is a bullet journal collection?

A collection (in terms of bullet journaling) is different than your monthly, weekly, or daily pages. A collection is something like a list of ideas, that span more than a specific day or month.

Project planning and goal setting would be examples of collections you could have in a bullet journal. If you’re looking for more information, and a breakdown of other popular bullet journal terms, check out our definitive bullet journal glossary!

25 Inspirational Bullet Journal Collections You Will Love

Now that you have an idea of what a bullet journal collection is, let’s jump into some ideas of what you can include in your next notebook!

1. Meal Planner

An awesome idea for your bullet journal would be a meal planner. It is sometimes nice to keep your meals out of your typical weekly layout. You could even create a ‘reusable’ meal planner spread by using sticky notes to plan your meals!

Simply remove them after the week is up and you have a clean spread for the following week. We love how Shelby from Little Coffee Fox uses hers!

2. Memory Keeper

We love bullet journaling because it can be a mixture of functional planning, journaling, and memory keeping. What better way to reflect on your past than to flip through a spread of photos or notes of your best experiences. Small photo printers are so popular now, and are a fantastic way to add memories to your bullet journal quickly!

3. Year at a Glance

This is probably one of the most popular bullet journal collections out there - the year at a glance. Everyone bullet journal’s differently, some make a notebook last a year, others only a few months.

However, sometimes events or appointments come up far into the future and it’s nice to have a place to jot them down! Keeping a year at a glance is a great stepping stone for migrating into a new bullet journal as well.

4. Social Media Tracker

It is hard to deny that we are living in a digital world. While you are taking a step to be unplugged by using a bullet journal, chances are you still spend a good chunk of time scrolling social media.

If you’re working on gaining social media followers, whether you blog, are an entrepreneur, or simply want to track it for fun, we love the idea of using a social media tracker to note the differences month over month.

5. Savings Tracker

Chances are you’re working to save up for something - whether it’s a big purchase like a home or a car, or something smaller (like a set of fancy markers for your bullet journal).

Being able to visualize how much you have saved up can help with your motivation to continue! We love this collection as it will help cheer you along to your goals.

6. Debt Payoff Tracker

Whether you follow the Dave Ramsey debt snowball method or are tackling your debt another way, having a debt payoff tracker can help give you that push and keep you on track to being in the green.

7. Houseplant Care Spread

Houseplants are all the rage right now. There are so many different plants you can add to your home, not only do they make it feel lusher and more inviting, but they also help make the air healthier to breathe!

If you have fallen down the rabbit hole of buying houseplants you will know it is hard to keep their watering needs straight. Snapping a quick picture of each plant along with some basic care instructions can ensure your plants thrive and survive for longer than a week!

8. Goal Breakdown

Another collection that we recommend would be goal setting and breaking down your goals. It’s one thing to say your goal is to run a marathon. But how will you get there? We believe it’s so important to break down your goals - what steps will you take to run that marathon? Having a spot in your bullet journal to do that, and to track your progress, is so beneficial!

9. Routines

We all envision how we want to spend our mornings and our evenings to be the best version of ourselves. Keeping a collection in the bullet journal of your morning and evening routines can assist in ensuring that everything gets done and you can be your most productive self!

10. Ideal Day

In line with your morning and evening routines, we all dream of the perfect day. Keeping a collection of your ideal day doesn’t mean you’re a failure if that’s not how your day goes (trust us, it’s bound to rarely happen). However, it’s nice to keep it as it shows you your priorities and can allow you to make choices for your schedule in line with them!

11. Master Project List

We all have a million and one things that we want to get done. It can be hard to keep straight if you’re holding all these ideas in your head, or scattered on sticky notes around the house.

Taking the time to create a master project list in your bullet journal can keep your plans straight! When all your projects (small and big) are listed in one place it allows you to be that much more organized when decided what to tackle next.

12. When Did I Last

The idea of a When Did I Last collection in your bullet journal can help you remember those things that need to be done less frequently! From oil changes to washing your pillow to cleaning your walls - finally a collection that ensures things get done when they need to!

13. Cleaning Schedule

We all have chores that need to be done daily, weekly, or monthly. Keeping a cleaning schedule is a great way to improve your time management and only spend time doing things that actually need to be done!

14. Fridge/Freezer/Pantry Inventory

How many times have you gone to the store and bought things you didn’t need to - simply because you forgot you had it your fridge or pantry? Welp, now you have 3 of it. We recommend adding a fridge, freezer, and pantry inventory into your bullet journal. It will help prevent duplicate purchases, and make it so so much easier when you’re meal planning!

15. Assignment Tracker

If you’re a student this is a great collection to add! At the beginning of the semester when you get your syllabi, go through and add all your assignment due dates and exam dates into one spread in chronological order. Having all this information in one place will be astronomical in helping your time management.

16. Books to read

Hands up if you have a way too many books on your bookshelf that you haven’t read! We love books to read collection for that very reason. Keeping a list of all the books you want to read not only helps prevent the accidental purchase of duplicates, but it gives you that boost to read more!

17. Streaming Service Watchlist

It seems like everywhere you turn there is a new streaming service available. From Netflix to Disney Plus, and Prime TV. With so many shows and movies at our fingertips, it is easy to scroll for hours trying to find something.

We recommend keeping a collection in your bullet journal of all the shows and movies you want to watch so that next time you are looking your choice can be more streamlined!

18. Wishlist

When your birthday, or another special event, rolls around it can be hard to remember what to ask for in terms of gifts. Having a wishlist collection in your bullet journal makes it that much easier to give gift ideas - instead of blanking and saying you do not know, and then ending up with something you don’t want!

19. Bucket List

Bucket lists are a fun collection to add to your bullet journal. No matter where you live in the world there are so many great experiences to be had! Keeping a Bucket List of the things you want to accomplish, or places you want to do can help you live your life with purpose.

20. Medical Information Reference Sheet

A more practical collection - a medical information reference sheet. Whether you suffer from any illness or simply want to be prepared for the unexpected, keeping an emergency sheet in your bullet journal could literally save your life.

We recommend listing emergency contacts, your blood type, doctor’s contact information, and anything else pertinent to your health in this collection.

21. Birthday Spread

We don’t know about you, but it can be downright impossible to remember everyone’s birthdays. Rather than forgetting until the last minute and having to grab a rushed gift, why not create a birthday collection in your bujo? You’ll never forget another birthday again!

22. Bill Due Dates Reference Spread

We all have so many bills and expenses due every month. It can be hard to keep them all straight! We recommend making a list of all the bills you have, how much they are, the date they are due, and what account they are pulled from. This ensures you always have the right amount of money and everything will be paid on time!

23. Project Breakdown

Similar to the way you want to break down your goals, we recommend tracking any projects in your bullet journal. You can break it down by due date, small steps, and anything else that needs to be done. Taking it one step further you can also then plot those due dates in your daily or weekly spreads to ensure they get done!

24. Master Grocery list

Keeping a master grocery list in your bullet journal can assure your pantry and fridge are always well-stocked. There’s nothing worse than going to create a recipe and realizing you don’t have something you need. Having this collection is also a great starting point should you be moving and starting from scratch!

25. Brain Dump

The last bullet journal collection we love is a simple one. It’s a brain dump! Being productive can be hindered by the fact that there are a thousand things going on in your head.

Taking a piece of paper and just writing down everything that comes to mind can not only clear your head, but it can also give you clarity in terms of priorities or things you want to get done.

In Conclusion

There are so many different collections you can add to your bullet journal. We hope from this list of 25 inspirational bullet journal collections that we love, that you will also love some of them and want to implement them in your own bullet journal!

Do you have a collection that you adore that wasn’t listed here? Let us know below in the comments!

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