Stickers are a commonly overlooked tool in planning and bullet journaling.

While some people do use stickers regularly, or occasionally, most people don’t even think about the possibilities stickers provide to your journal aesthetic!

Stickers are exactly what you think they are—they are little images (generally) that you stick to stuff (ideally paper or notebooks and NOT furniture).

It is super common that people dismiss stickers because they remember the super childish stickers they played with when they were little. However, not all stickers are geared toward kids. There are actually stickers out there specifically made to enhance an adult planner!

Similar to washi tape, stamps, and stencils, stickers help to add a creative edge to your project or bullet journal spread.

Here is our guide to using stickers in your bullet journal, as well as some of our favorite and recommended stickers!

How Can You Use Stickers?

I can explain stickers to you; however, most of us are well aware of what stickers are and how they work. Instead, I wanted to give an even more simple break down of some of the more creative uses for stickers inside your planner and outside of your planner.

First, I want to note that stickers are often first thought of as decoration; however, stickers can also be functional. Similar to stamps and washi tape, stickers can be used to label and organize information as well as to spice up a page with decoration and artwork. Now let’s look at more specific uses for stickers!

This list is not a complete list, as people are constantly coming up with new ways of using things like stickers. However, here are a bunch of the most common uses for stickers

  • Planner decoration
  • Bullet journal decoration
  • Planner labeling
  • Houseplant pot decorating
  • Wall decoration
  • Home decorating
  • Craft projects
  • Labeling (Yes, labels are also stickers)
  • Picture frame decorating
  • DIY picture frames
  • & MUCH more!

Where Can I Buy Washi Tape

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about using stickers in your planner, I want to share some of my favorite stickers and sticker sets with you and where you can buy them.

Here is a huge list of decorative stickers and useful stickers.

Decorative Stickers

Decorative stickers generally more colorful and commonly have fun patterns or other artwork. Sometimes, decorative stickers even include fun catchphrases and encouraging words of wisdom!

#1 Holiday Seasonal Planner Sticker Sheets

01-Holiday Seasonal Planner Sticker Sheets These stickers are primarily decorative; however, they can double as functional stickers. I include this pack under decorative, but it is really both decorative and functional. There are week and month labels in this pack as well as images that can be used for decoration and to label!

#2 Adult Planner Stickers

02-Adult Planner Stickers This sticker set is a prime example of stickers made specifically with adults in mind. These stickers use symbols to imply the use of profane language as well as other catchphrases. These stickers are the perfect way to celebrate and acknowledge a mistake in your journal while also adding some comedy and decor!

#3 Planner Stickers Pack by StriveZen

03-Planner Stickers Pack by StriveZen These stickers are again, both decorative and functional. Many of the little images and symbols in this sticker set can be used to decorate and to label! I love a good set of symbols to help label more simply!

#4 Cute Nature VSCO Girl Stickers

04-Cute Nature VSCO Girl Stickers If you like houseplants and nature, then this pack of stickers is perfect. It is full of a ton of nature-themed and plant stickers to decorate your planner.

#5 Kawaii Sticker Set

05-Kawaii Sticker Set This is a huge sticker pack full of Kawaii-themed stickers and other related adorable sticker designs!

#6 Flower Series Decals

06-Flower Series Decals Floral themes are very common in bullet journaling. That being said, I wanted to provide you with a floral sticker set to go with a cute floral theme!

#7 Floral Metallic Stickers

07-Floral Metallic Stickers This set is a fun and girly metallic set with tropical and floral themes. This set includes some great encouragers in addition to artwork!

#8 Funny Internet Memes and Celebrity Stickers

08-Funny Internet Memes and Celebrity Stickers If you are looking for more fun and comical stickers, this set is perfect! It is filled with jokes, memes, and celebrity comedy!

#9 Cute Vsco Stickers

09-Cute Vsco Stickers This variety sticker pack does not necessarily have a common theme. If you are looking for a more random but cute sticker set, here is a perfect set!

#10 Branches and Leaves Waterproof Stickers

10-Branches and Leaves Waterproof Stickers I chose to share this pack of stickers because leaves and branches make for great and beautiful borders or separators! Try adding a branch or leaf to your bullet journal spreads!

#11 Free Spirit Rice Paper Border Stickers

11- Free Spirit Rice Paper Border Stickers Speaking of border stickers, here are some fun “free spirit” themed border stickers for your planner. The great part about this set is that they offer other themed border sets such as ‘every day,’ Christmas,’ ‘fall leaves,’ and ‘summer fun.’

#12 Navy Peony Whimsical Watercolor Floral Stickers

12-Navy Peony Whimsical Watercolor Floral Stickers Because of the popularity of nature and floral stickers, here is another gorgeous floral sticker set full of beautiful stickers!

#13 Me & My Big Ideas Create Stickers

13-Me & My Big Ideas Create Stickers This final creative sticker set is a phrases and words type of sticker set. Each sticker encourages and potentially labels!

Functional Stickers

Functional stickers are stickers that are used for things such as labeling and organizing information.

These stickers are not as often used for decorating and are generally used similar to a label, commonly to label items such as a month, day, date, section, etc.

While I include plain colored and simple shaped stickers under decorative stickers, these can also be used in a more functional manner as well.

#14 Gold Alphabet and Punctuation Stickers

14-Gold Alphabet and Punctuation Stickers Let’s kick off the functional stickers section with a very basic set of alphabet stickers! These ones are great for larger headers and labeling!

#15 Productivity Planner Stickers

15-Productivity Planner Stickers What I like about these stickers is that they come in various colors and are also very simple. This sticker set includes symbols, blank banners, goal triangles, and month labels!

#16 Clear Cursive Planner Sticker Bundle

16-Clear Cursive Planner Sticker Bundle For an even more simple and elegant way to do labeling, this pack is perfect! While these labels aren’t for weekdays or months, the labels included are for to-do, payday, meeting, day off, canceled, important, laundry, groceries, and appointments in beautiful cursive lettering!

#17 Essentials Habit Tracker Planner Stickers

17-Essentials Habit Tracker Planner Stickers These stickers are perfect for habit tracking! They are made to be little habit tracking grids and as a bonus include other shapes, banners, labels, and encouragers!

#18 Metallic Gold Date Dots Stickers

18-Metallic Gold Date Dots Stickers I love a good metallic sticker, stamp, ink, or tape, and these little metallic date dots fit my love! However, if you are not into the gold look, these date dot stickers come in plenty of other beautiful colors. These little dots are a quick and easy way to add dates!

#19 Ultimate Productivity Planner Stickers Set

19-Ultimate Productivity Planner Stickers Set This sticker set is called the Ultimate productivity planner set, and it is an accurate name! This set is jam-packed with so many amazing and useful stickers! Not only are there labels but there are various tracking stickers, calendar stickers, banners, labels, lists, and so much more!

#20 Health and Fitness Planner Stickers Set

20-Health and Fitness Planner Stickers Set Similar to the previously mentioned planner sticker set, this set is huge and full of amazing planner stickers! However, the cool thing about this set is that it focuses on health and fitness including stickers for labeling, decorating, tracking, and more!

#21 Accent Design Paper Stickers Month & Date

21-Accent Design Paper Accents Sticker Here is a much smaller pack to help you label and decorate your months! If you aren’t looking for anything super extravagant, then this simple little pack is perfect.

#22 Project Life Day of the Week Stickers

22-Project Life Day of the Week Stickers - Grey This sticker pack is another super simple pack to help with labelings. These stickers are simple little gray banners with the days of the week on them!

#23 Clear Transparent Days of the Week Planner Stickers

23-Clear Transparent Days of the Week Planner Stickers Here is another simple set of weekday stickers. These labels are in black with a clear background.

#24 Pastel Color Sticky Notes Days of the Week Stickers

24-Pastel Color Sticky Notes Days of the Week Stickers Something fun and unique about stickers is that sometimes they come in a roll instead of on a sheet. These stickers come in a role and include weekday labels, among other stickers!

#25 The Happy Planner Clear Dates Stamps

25-The Happy Planner 74 Clear Dates Stamps Sometimes all we need are a simple black and clear sticker to help with labeling. This sticker set is another perfect set for just that!


Stickers are such an amazing way to add creativity and function to your bullet journal or planner. Not only are stickers great for your planner, but they are also super useful when doing all kinds of DIY projects and are not only perfect for kids but adults as well! Hopefully, this post has inspired you to go out and use stickers more often!

Knowing what you know now about stickers and what kinds of stickers are available to you for your planner, do you plan to add stickers to your bullet journaling style? Let us know how you use stickers in the comments!