If you haven’t yet jumped on the bullet journal bandwagon, we think you are missing out.

Bullet journaling is completely customizable, and is the only planner or to-do list that is perfectly moldable to your needs (since you design it yourself)!

Here are 15 reasons why you should be bullet journaling.

1. You Want to Increase Productivity

Because all bullet journaling requires is a pencil and a notebook, you don’t have all of the distractions of an online program or traditional planner.

Fewer distractions = increased productivity.

2. You Want to Streamline Your To-Do List

Hands up if you’ve had things you need to get done jotted in the notes app on your phone, on a scrap of paper, and somewhere on your computer?

Having your to-do’s written down in multiple places is hindering your ability to get things done.

Streamline that by having one location for all of your tasks.

A bullet journal provides a great place to quickly and efficiently jot down your to-do list, which allows you to take action quicker.

3. You Want to Live in the Present

A key component of bullet journaling is that you rapid log your daily log.

Rapid logging basically means brain dumping all of your tasks, reminders, appointments, etc.

You do this every day in your daily log, which allows you to take your life day by day, being more present and aware of your obligations and how you are spending your time.

4. You Want to Remember Appointments

The simplicity of a future log and a monthly log in a bullet journal provides a great place to jot down future appointments and events.

By referencing your future and monthly logs when setting up your daily log you can easily remember your appointments and obligations.

5. You Want to Get More Things Done Every Day

Because bullet journaling is supposed to be simple and streamlined, it goes without saying that it will allow you to get more done.

A daily log should only take 5-10 minutes to set up every day, and is the perfect thing to do with your morning coffee (or the night before when you’re getting ready for bed)!

By not spending hours every day trying to get your planner organized, you are freeing up time to actually cross off the tasks on your to-do list.

6. You Want to Be Able to Look Back on Memories

In the process of creating a future log, monthly log, and daily log, you are creating a time capsule of your life.

This is a great thing to be able to look back on to see what you were doing, and to reminisce on memories.

7. You Want to Unplug in the Digital Age

In this heightened time of digital products and apps geared towards helping you get more done, it’s easy to quickly feel overwhelmed by the plethora of products available.

Bullet journaling allows you to take a step back from the screens and to focus on what is important, by putting pen on paper.

8. You Want to Take Time for Yourself

The great thing about a bullet journal is that you are in charge of your to-do list, and of prioritizing it.

Using your bullet journal for self-care is a great idea, and by jotting down something in that realm on the daily log you are, in a sense, scheduling it to be a part of your day.

It can be so easy to sweep personal time under the rug, but you can use your bullet journal to do the opposite - schedule that bubble bath with your favourite book into your daily log, to ensure you take the time to look after yourself.

9. You Want to be More Organized

One great way to be more organized is to get back to basics.

By starting a bullet journal you can keep all of your tasks, reminders, events, appointments and more in one place.

It almost goes without saying that by keeping all of the important info in one place, you’re more likely to reminder deadlines, which in turn means you’ll be more organized.

If you have 4 different planners, and sticky notes with reminders all over the place, it would be extremely easy for things to slip through the cracks.

With organisation in mind, we highly recommend starting a bullet journal.

10. You Want to Stick to a Budget

One of the customizable things about bullet journaling is that you can create pages called collections. These are separate from your future, monthly and daily logs.

Collections are lists or spread with information that doesn’t necessarily fall within the above-mentioned logs.

A popular collection to create in the bullet journal community is a budgeting collection. If you are trying to get your finances in check, we recommend starting a bullet journal to create a monthly budget and expense tracker.

11. You Want to Improve your Relationships

Are you someone who frequently forgets the important events happening in the lives of those important to you?

A bullet journal can help you to remember. You can jot loved one’s birthdays into your future log at the beginning of the year, and even other events like showers, graduations, and weddings.

Since you will frequently be referencing your future log, you are guaranteed to remember the next time an important event rolls around, thus improving the relationships around you.

On a smaller scale, a bullet journal is a great place to jot in events like lunch dates, or meeting for coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

It can be so easy to let these things slip through the cracks without a system in place to remember.

12. You Want to Improve Productivity in the Office

A bullet journal doesn’t need to be solely for use in your personal life.

If you work in an office or another job that requires lots of things to get done, you may want to utilize a bullet journal. Lots of office demands are mentioned in passing and can be easy to forget on a busy day.

A bullet journal can give you a quick place to jot down tasks that are expected of you, which in turn can improve your productivity in the office.

13. You Want to Reach your Goals

If you’re looking to finally reach that new year’s resolution, a bullet journal is a popular place to write down and track goals.

Many people who use a bullet journal create collections geared towards their goals in different areas of their life.

However, it’s never enough to just write down your goal and expect things to happen on their own. By also using your future, monthly, and daily logs you can break your goals down into smaller and more manageable steps.

14. You Want to be More Creative

One of the great things about starting a bullet journal is that it is completely customizable.

If you’re looking for a creative outlet, it is so easy to spruce up your bullet journal with coloured markers, washi tape, and more.

If you’re wanting to jump beyond just a pen and paper in your journal, check out our favourite bullet journal supplies.

15. You Want to Simplify your Life

Overall, if you are wanting to live a simpler more streamlined life with fewer distractions you should absolutely be bullet journaling.

A notebook is easy to carry around with you day to day, and by having all of the important tasks and reminders within it, you’ll be able to stay on top of all your daily demands.

Since a bullet journal is just one system, you are removing the distractions of multiple planners, apps, and programs, thus simplifying your life, and your to-do list.


If any of the above points are something you want out of your life, we absolutely believe you should be bullet journaling.

From creating a more cohesive streamlined to-do list to improving your productivity, to providing an artistic outlet, a bullet journal can be exactly what you make it.

What are you waiting for? Pick up a notebook and a pencil, and start your first bullet journal today.