One of the most common ways to plan outside of a store-bought and bound planner is the bullet journal. By now you all are probably aware of bullet journaling and what it is. However, if you aren’t aware, you can read more about what bullet journaling is in our article on why you should be bullet journaling!

But what if I told you there was an alternative that incorporated the great qualities of a pre-made planner AND the creativity and customizability of a bullet journal into one?

Well, there is, and they are in the form of bullet journal printables.

What is a Bullet Journal Printable?

Printable planning pages are becoming more and more common and popular in the planning space. Essentially, a bullet journal printable is a bullet journal layout or spread that has been created in a way that you can print them off and paste them into a notebook or punch some holes in them and add them to a ring binder.

Where Can I Find Bullet Journal Printables?

Many bullet journalers create versions of their own layouts, which can be purchased or downloaded for free. Sometimes this requires a newsletter subscription.

If you are looking to avoid searching around on the web for certain bullet journalers, another great place to seek out bullet journal printables is Etsy. The Etsy platform is flooded with amazing printables and printable shops. Some of these shops may even print them out for you and mail them. Be sure to read the listing descriptions!

How Do I Print Off My Printables?

The first step in the printing of your printable is to gain access to it. A large majority of printables are purchasable. However, some can be found for free.

Once you’ve purchased and downloaded the printable to your computer you have a few options. First, you can print your download at home.

This might be the easiest option for some. Be sure you are aware of the dimensions the printable is meant to be printed in to be sure you have a high-quality print. You can also go somewhere else to print off your download. Some external options include FedEx Office, Staples, or a local print shop.

What Should I Put My Printables In?

There are several ways you can use your printables. Of the most common are to paste them into a notebook or put them into a ring binder. Here we will discuss these two options, though there are more ways to use printables such as pinning them to a corkboard, keeping them in a folder, and placing them on your desktop.

Paste Printables Into A Notebook

The first option is to glue your printable right into a notebook. This is the best option if you are looking for something similar to a normal bullet journal but simply do not have the time to create it for yourself. You can buy your favourite bullet journal notebook and glue, trim up your printable to fit, and glue it right in on the page.

Add Printables To A Binder

If you would rather not mess with glue and a hole punch is more up your alley, then perhaps you’d prefer to grab yourself a spiral-bound binder to put your printables in. Of course, you will need a hole punch the size of your binder to assist you. If you aren’t sure what spiral binder to get, check out some of these ones on Amazon.

Bullet Journal Printables Inspiration

Now let’s get into the reason why you are here, let’s take a look at some of our favourite bullet journal printables for 2020!

1. Monthly Mood Trackers

This first printable, or set of printables, is a fan favourite! If you are interested in tracking your mood, then these image-based or themed monthly mood trackers are perfect! The sunflower tracker is pictured here, but there are dozens of other images to chose from! Get These Printables!

2. 2020 Purposeful Planner

corieclarkshop-purposefulplanner This next printable is not only one page or layout, but an entire printable planner. This one is great because of the vast amount included in this planner. The included layouts are goal planning worksheets, monthly budget sheets, monthly menu plan sheets, monthly master task lists, monthly goal sheets, quotes, prayer / praise sheets, water intake tracking, health tracking, and brain dumps. Get These Printables!

3. 2020 Bullet Journal Printable Kit

littlemisroebujo2020kit This next printable kit is, again, another set of multiple printables. This kit has such cute themes and a wide variety of layouts included. Get These Printables!

4. One-Page Calendar - 2020

calendar-one-page-2020-lovelyplanner If you are looking for something more simple and concise than the printables we’ve talked about so far, here is a whole year on one page! Additionally, it has such fun colours! Get This Printable!

5. Floral Monthly Habit Tracker

breakfastinbrunswick-habittracker Another fan favourite is the habit tracker. Tracking your habits can be super useful, especially if you are trying to build new habits. This one is especially helpful to guide you in reaching your new year’s resolutions. Here is a gorgeous floral printable version! Get This Printable!

6. 2020 Lunar Calendars

elizabethjournals-lunarcalendar If you are interested in tracking the lunar cycle, then this cute little printable is perfect for you! This simple little layout includes the lunar cycle by month for 2020 and gets updated each year! Get This Printable!

7. Goal Planner Printables

GoalPlanner-JanicePrintables If the habit tracker piqued your interest, then this goal planner will likely interest you as well. This huge pack of 55 printables with a focus on goal planning will be perfect for planning and reaching your 2020 goals! Get These Printables!

8. Peony Monthly Bullet Journal Set

floralpeoniesbullet journal planner-kateandoliveplanners I have included a mixture of printable sets or bundles and individual layouts in this printable round-up because I love the wide variety of options which are available. A floral or peony theme is incredibly popular and this whole set of peony-themed printable pages is absolutely wonderful! Get These Printables!

9. Mandala Coloring Planner Printables

mandalacoloring-pressprintparty Are you a fan of colouring books? How about a planner printable with a colouring page built in! I love this mandala colouring planner printable because it allows for creativity and planning on the same page. Get This Printable!

10. Positive and Inspirational Quotes

elizabethjournalsquoteprintable Are you looking to add some inspiration to your planning routine? Check out this printable quote and many others like it! I love adding a quote or mantra randomly throughout my planner to promote positivity and empowerment. Get These Printables!

11. 2020 Bullet Journal Bundle

2020 Bullet Journal Planner Printable-hearteyespaper Here is another 2020 printable planner bundle set. I love this one particularly because of its simplicity. I find I drift toward more simple or minimal layouts. Get These Printables!

12. Bullet Journal Planner Kit

bujoplannerkit-mylifemyplans Check out this next bullet journal printable planner kit. I love this one because its simple comes in a variety of sizes, and includes a large variety of useful layouts. Get These Printables!

13. Beginner’s Bullet Journal Printable Volume 1 - 6

beginnersbujoprintables1-6-tsrcrafts Perhaps you are a beginner in bullet journaling and you do not know where to start? In that case, I would recommend this bullet journal package for beginners. Additionally, this package is in the style of a colouring book as well! Get These Printables!

14. My Moods Printable

mymoods-oliharriprintables If you want to track your moods, but are not interested in the more picture-based or artistic mood trackers, check out this mood pixel style printable. This one provides a nice mood key and a year’s worth of boxes to colour in each mood all year long! Get These Printables!

15. Customized Bullet Journal Printables

freebie-custom-printables One thing that is absolutely perfect about this next bundle is that it is entirely customizable. If none of the other printable sets or layouts is fitting your needs, you can get one customized for you! Get These Printables!

16. DragonFly Year in Pixels

Dragonfly Year in Pixels cutepartydash A year in pixels is one of my favourite ways to track habits and moods. Not only is it concise, but it provides a nice visual of your year as a whole. Additionally, this printable has a few other wonderful components and a dragonfly theme. Get These Printables!

17. Circular Weekly Bullet Journal Printable

circularweekly-scatteredprintables I find circular weekly trackers to be very interesting. While I prefer a different style, many people swear by these types of spreads, so, I decided to include a great one here. Get These Printables!

18. Daily Bullet Journal Printable

daily bullet journal-creatyourselfhsop If you are looking for something for every day, I thought it would be useful to include a great daily bullet journal printable. This one has a wide variety of aspects including priorities, meal planning, water tracker, fitness logging, hourly scheduling, daily to-dos, and a buy list. Get These Printables!

19. Birthday Cake Birthday Tracker

birthdaycakebirthdaytrack-tdtrends Birthdays can be very difficult to remember. The more people whose birthdays you are trying to remember, the more likely you are to forget or mix them up. For this reason, I’ve included an adorable birthday tracker in the printable round-up! I love the idea of a cake or cupcake themed birthday tracker. Get These Printables!

20. Level 10 Life Printable

levle10-digitaldownloadshop Have you ever heard of Level 10 Life? These layouts are essential in goal planning and life organizing. What I love about printables is they can go in planners, but they do not have to. I love the idea of using a level 10 life printable both in your planner and in an idea board or on your office wall. This printable is nice and simple and perfect for such uses. Get These Printables!

21. Sleep Tracker Printable

sleep tracker - digitaldownloadshop Sleep tracking is such a great printable idea that remains under many people’s radar. A sleep tracker is a great way to keep track of the amount and quality of sleep you have been getting. This is useful to understand why you are feeling certain ways and to get more in touch with your body and its needs. Get These Printables!

22. 2020 Classic Planner Printable

elizabethjournals-classic2020planner If you are looking for something classic and simple to plan your life out, this classic planner is perfect! it comes with so many layouts including the “Agenda” title page, 2020 at a glance, future planning, monthly calendar, weekly planning, notes, and important contacts. This simple planner will suit your needs in a gorgeous fashion. Get These Printables!

23. Period Tracker Printables

period tracker printables-pinkbambooblossom Are you a woman who struggles or would like to keep a better touch of your menstrual cycle? Then I recommend a period tracker! These trackers are so essential to keeping track of your cycle, fertility, and any birth control you might take. This printable should be a staple in every girl’s planner! Get These Printables!

24. Floral Hexigon Weekly Printable

floralhexigonweekly-alexmariedesigns Another must-have printable for every planner is a weekly or daily spread. I chose to include this weekly printable because it is so creative and unique. While there are a plethora of more simple spreads out there, I love the concept of this one! The weekly spaces are hexigonal and the rest of the layout includes other essential sections. Get These Printables!

25. Celestial Bullet Journal Printable Bundle

celestial bujoprint-alexiaclaire Are you absolutely in love with a galaxy, lunar vibe? Then you will enjoy this planner kit. It’s a solid and simple printable planner kit, but with a touch of planets, stars, and celestial details! Get These Printables!

Printable planning pages are becoming more and more common and popular in the planning space. Now that you are more familiar with bullet journal printables, do you see yourself using them?

Personally, I love the concept of printable bullet journal layouts and would have probably used them previously if I had known about them.

Let us know your thoughts on bullet journaling printables, will you use them? Why or why not? Happy printing!

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