Whether you are a bullet journal pro or just beginning, inspiration can feel hard to come by at times.

One of the best ways to get inspired and to dive into your journal is by looking at others’ journals for ideas. One of my favourite ways to get inspired is by scrolling my Instagram feed and taking a look at amazing bullet journals.

We have done a round up of what we consider to be the top 25 bullet journal Instagram accounts to follow which will provide you with inspiration every time you scroll your feed!

  1. @bulletjournal
  2. @plananotherday
  3. @onelinebujo
  4. @abulletandsomelines
  5. @simpleproductivity
  6. @flyingpaperwords
  7. @bulletjournalnoob
  8. @buujooo
  9. @elas_bullet_journey
  10. @littlecoffeefox
  11. @witchi_art_bullet_journal
  12. @dotted.plans
  13. @ppennedofficial
  14. @planningmindfully
  15. @thejournallife
  16. @theartofbujo
  17. @bujocollection
  18. @capricorn.journals
  19. @myblackbujo
  20. @bujojujii
  21. @marjobujo
  22. @mashaplans
  23. @jihielephant
  24. @my.life.in.a.bullet
  25. @the.petite.planner

Ryder of @bulletjournal

I have mentioned Ryder in my previous posts; however, in case you didn’t know, he is the originator of the bullet journal method!

The bullet journal method, if you are not aware, is a method of organizing daily to-dos using bullet points and often other symbols.

This is the method which today’s bullet journaling is based on. The account, @bulletjournal, shows off bullet journaling layouts made by Ryder and others as well as updates and other information regarding the bullet journal method and bullet journaling.

I chose to feature this account outside of the categories I have put other accounts into below because it is the original account. However, Outside of this, I might have categorized it as a feature account.

Other bullet journal Instagram account categories which I will look at including minimal bullet journal accounts, artistic bullet journal accounts, and other accounts in addition to feature accounts.

Minimal Bullet Journal Accounts

First of the categories is minimal bullet journal Instagram accounts. Minimal bullet journaling is probably one of the most popular types of bullet journal Instagram accounts there is, these accounts frequently get a lot of love because of the simplicity of their layouts and the clean aesthetic they provide.

Their layouts are also often easy to replicate by new journalers. Check out some of my favourite minimal bullet journal accounts.

Cindy of @plananotherday

Cindy’s account is a beautiful minimal account. I love to look at these layouts and how she creatively adds doodles while also keeping her layouts so incredibly minimalistic!


Just like @plananotherday, @onelinebujo is an amazing minimal account with a twist. The twist is some super unique and creative line art. These doodles are made one continuous line and make up some really impressive artwork, hence the name one line bujo.

Sandra of @abulletandsomelines

The geometric vibe of this minimal account is what makes it a must-follow! Sandra’s bold yet minimal layouts are for sure eye-grabbing and super inspiring!

One thing @abulletandsomelines has in common with these other accounts is amazing hand lettering you can’t help but want to try out yourself!


Like some of the other accounts, we will be looking at, @simpleproductivity is both a minimal bujo account and a featured bullet journal account.

This makes it both unique and inspirational. @simpleproductivity is for sure a must-follow.

Olivia of @flyingpaperwords

olivia-of-flyingpaperwords-example-work The incredible consistency of Olivia’s bullet journal layouts is amazing to look at. Her beautiful handwriting and minimal style are beautiful, creative, and wonderfully inspiring.

TM of @bulletjournalnoob

@bulletjournalnoob is one of my absolute favourite accounts, so much so that I featured TM over at Jihi Elephant. Her layouts are so creative and simple, you can’t help but love them!

Trine Lise of @buujooo

Last of the minimal Instagram accounts which you must follow is @buujooo. Like the previous accounts, Trine Lisa’s layouts are simple and beautiful. One thing she does that sets her apart is using varying lettering.

She used various print and minimal cursive fonts which really add to her layouts!

Artistic Bullet Journal Accounts

The second category of must-follow bullet journal Instagram accounts is artistic accounts. These include bullet journals which incorporate a lot of artwork, doodling, and other creative means to their journal.

Most of these accounts still use the bullet journal method or something similar, but they also incorporate artistic journaling.


The art done by @elas_bullet_journey is amazing and often super unique and cute. Here are some of her more recent layouts. Her art will surely inspire your creativity!

Shelby of @littlecoffeefox

@littlecoffeefox is one of the most well-known bullet journalers out there and her Instagram does not disappoint. In addition to her super creative layouts, she shows off amazing bullet journaling products!

Marion of @witchi_art_bullet_journal

Marion’s journal is another one of my favourites. She incorporates some seriously impressive artwork into her journal. My favourites are the animals she draws up, but she does some other stuff in her bullet journal that is super inspirational and artistic!

Michenou of @dotted.plans

Michenou does amazing artwork and flawlessly adds them to her already gorgeous layouts! What you can be sure to find in her artwork are movie themes! @dotted.plans is always doing artwork in reference to amazing movies. A must-follow for sure!

Bullet Journal Feature Accounts

We sort of discussed feature accounts before. However, these are accounts that feature work that is not their own.

Some of these accounts share their own journal, but they all share the work of other bullet journalers. Another feature of these accounts is they often choose whose work they share based on the use of a hashtag, tagging, or following.

It is most useful to check the bio in their account to see how to get featured.


@ppennedofficial is the very account connected to this blog, it would not be right if we didn’t think our account was worth sharing!

Check out some of the amazing features over at @ppennedofficial.

Rachel of @planningmindfully

@planningmindfully is a unique feature account. Rachel shares not only her own bullet journal, but she features other amazing journals as well! To get featured here use the hashtag #plannerpicturefeature.

Carly of @thejournallife

If you are looking to get featured over at @thejournallife I recommend following and tagging Carly in your posts. She does not specify how she chooses her features, but your chances go up if you show her you are an active follower!

Nicola of @theartofbujo

@theartofbujo is probably the most well known if not, one of the most well-known bullet journal feature accounts out there. Nicola is sure to choose layouts that fit the visual she is going for and it is always pleasant to look at! Get featured over at @theartofbujo by tagging them and using the hashtag #theartofbujo.

Elizabeth of @bujocollection

@bujocollection is a feature account I created to celebrate bullet journalers and their amazing work! As an avid bullet journaler and bullet journal blogger, I figured it was only right that I created an account to celebrate other journalers on Instagram since this is where I am most active.

To get featured at @bujocollection use the hashtags #bujocollection or #bulletjournalcollection. You can also get featured by following me and tagging me in your bullet journal Instagrams! I choose my reposts based on my current aesthetic and also give credit!

Other Amazing Bullet Journal Accounts

While these accounts are not categorized like the ones above, they are still amazing Instagram accounts which you NEED to check out! These accounts vary and can sometimes incorporate qualities of the minimal and artistic groups discussed before.

However, these accounts do not simply feature only one of those qualities, often multiple or something all their own. Check out these must-follow bullet journal Instagram accounts.

Kira of @capricorn.journals

I love Kira’s aesthetic, each month is different! These images show off a little bit of her January look and her February look and they are both amazing! She uses a mixture of tools like stamps and watercolour paints to make her journal beautiful!

Liv of @myblackbujo

Liv is such a supportive and active bullet journaler. She is always popping up in my notifications. I love her lettering and creative mind. She does amazing floral doodles and never disappoints!

Julia of @bujojujii

Julia’s journal is seriously something to look at! Throwing in some gorgeous doodles now and then, she also changes up her layouts style constantly. Following @bujojujii you will never be bored!

Marjolein of @marjobujo

Marjolein’s journal is unique because of how much she writes in it. Here layouts are filled with washi tape, stamps, various lettering, pictures, doodles, and stickers. You simply can’t help but love what she has to offer!

Masha of @mashaplans

@mashaplans in another bullet journal Instagram account that you can’t help but love!! She does amazing layouts and is always switching it up and adding colour. She has some seriously creative and beautiful ideas that inspire me all the time!

Elizabeth Ghekiere of @jihielephant

@jihielephant is my personal account.

I love switching up my layouts, so you will get a new visual each month. My theme for 2019 is minimal and gold so you will see a lot of that. However, I do not share only my own journal.

I also create hand-drawn journals for others and show off their custom creations alongside my own personal planner. Interested in getting a journal from me, my Instagram is the perfect place to shop layouts.

Cristina of @my.life.in.a.bullet

Cristina is another journaler with amazing handwriting and doodle capacity. Her account is sure to impress and inspire you. She, like many other accounts here, switches things up and does all kinds of layouts and trackers!

Erin of @the.petite.planner

@the.petite.planner is an amazing Instagram account! She does all kinds of bullet journal layouts, sometimes keeping it minimal, and other times throwing in some artistic qualities! Keep an eye out, Erin’s work will definitely catch your eye!

Now that you’ve gotten a sneak peek into these amazing bullet journal Instagram accounts, head on over to Instagram to get following them and to get inspired! Having these accounts in your feed is something you simply cannot miss out on!